The future is Omnist

My name is Angel, I am a Reiki Master and practitioner from London. I trained at the Reiki Academy London, and my lineage can be traced back to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui Sensei, via both the Eastern and the Western lineages.

I had heard about Reiki in my early 20’s, but never felt the calling to look into it. By the time I was in my 30’s I had developed quite severe chronic and excruciating migraines. Earthing helped significantly, but I wanted another way to be able to alleviate the pain when I was unable to get outdoors. The universe, the Gods, the Holy Spirit.. something, guided me toward this wonderful world of Reiki where I had the privilege of meeting some of the most beautiful souls I would ever come across, and gifted me with the ability to channel healing energy and share it with the world.

My first attunements were powerful, but my master attunement was indescribable. I remember standing barefoot on the grass outside of Abbey House in Glastonbury where we lived and did our training for five days, a newly attuned Reiki Master, and feeling the most intense but pleasant heat pulsating beneath my feet. At first I thought I was standing on pipelines or some sort of hot spot, so I moved. Within seconds the heat had followed me. I moved again. Incredible. Reiki was radiating out of the souls of my feet! Those five days in the spring of 2017 were some of the most magical and spiritual days I have ever experienced. Not only did I become a Reiki Master and make life-long friends, I also realised my potential and purpose in life.

As you will see from my need to subscribe to multiple religious practices below, I find it restrictive and unfulfilling to stick to only one thing. Of course, this means that I am not only a Reiki Master. My more ‘ordinary’ jobs include logo designer at Knight of Logos and photographer at Tony & Belle Headshots.

I am also a Psychological Astrologer (not predictive), Spiritual Life Coach (any religion), Grief & Bereavement Counsellor (person or pet) and Tarot Consultant (not psychic), and I offer these services in the same venue as my Reiki treatments and can add them to your session if required.

Roman Catholic father + Buddhist Mother = Pagan/Omnist daughter

I come from both a Roman Catholic and a Buddhist background, thanks to my parents, who epitomised religious tolerance and acceptance, enabling me to remain open minded and loving towards everyone regardless of their beliefs. I spent Sunday mornings with both my Buddhist mother and Catholic father attending mass at my church, before driving to the Thai temple to learn Thai language and Buddhist philosophy from the monks. My mother, upon entering our church made the sign of the cross with holy water, and my father sat in prayer position whilst listening respectfully to the monks chanting in Sanskrit. It was only when I was about 11 years old that I was abruptly made aware of the fact that technically, one could not follow two religions. This was news to me! I continue to bring my mother to the temple, sit and chant with her, come home to pray the rosary, light some incense and read my Orphic Hymns to the Gods.

I myself take on many labels, but the one I am choosing to share here is Hellenic Pagan. This should by no means influence your decision to receive healing from me. I am a conduit; an instrument of God (Gods?), and I believe my will to heal and respect for all of life and humanity enhance my abilities as a healer. I choose to share my beliefs here because I believe in honestly and transparency. I want you to know who I am, and to feel safe in the knowledge that no matter who you are or what your beliefs, I will respect you and make a conscious effort to make you feel comfortable and accommodate your needs. Please read my testimonials.

I live a spiritual life, and I strive to inject as much magic into it as possible. I start my day with meditation, and end it reading a book. Between those times I do anything from pray, burn incense, paint, read or journal in my Bible, dance, work, nap, and commune with the Gods. I celebrate the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, the Christian holy days, and the Attic calendar’s festivals for the Theoi. I go to the temple to celebrate Thai New Year, Conway Hall to take part in the Pagan Federation open rituals, and my childhood Church to pray beneath the statue of Christ. I believe everyone should strive to live in harmony with each other and build a spiritual practice for themselves, whatever that may look like. Life is too precious and short to waste by denying yourself the freedom to follow all of the religions you love. Because of my unusual open mindedness to different spiritual beliefs, I expect a high level of tolerance and respect from the people I work with. I know I may seem very free-spirited and unorthodox, but please don’t assume that I have no dedicated or structured spiritual practice. If anything, my free-wheeling wandering soul is connected to all of spirituality and all religions on a level that some may be unfamiliar with. The more religions I learn about, the more love and respect I have for humanity. Live and let live, blessed be, and may peace be with you.

If you are a Christian and are unsure about Reiki, read my blog post where I explain more about Reiki and share testimonials and stories of Christians who practice Reiki.

Relevant Qualifications

Reiki Master, Reiki Academy London (2017)
ReikiScienceā„¢ Practitioner, Reiki Academy London (2018)
Spiritual Life Coach Dip., Centre of Excellence (2018)
Grief & Bereavement Counsellor Dip., Centre of Excellence (2018)
Transpersonal Psychology Dip., Centre of Excellence (2018)