My name is Angel, I am a Reiki Master and practitioner from London. I trained at the Reiki Academy London, and my lineage can be traced back to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui Sensei, via both the Eastern and the Western lineages.

I had heard about Reiki in my early 20’s, but never felt the calling to look into it. By the time I was in my 30’s I had developed quite severe chronic and excruciating migraines. Earthing helped significantly, but I wanted another way to be able to alleviate the pain when I was unable to get outdoors. The universe, the Gods.. something, guided me toward this wonderful world of Reiki where I had the privilege of meeting some of the most beautiful souls I would ever come across, and gifted me with the ability to channel healing energy and share it with the world.

My first attunements were powerful, but my master attunement was indescribable. I remember standing barefoot on the grass outside of Abbey House in Glastonbury where we lived and did our training for five days, a newly attuned Reiki Master, and feeling the most intense but pleasant heat pulsating beneath my feet. At first I thought I was standing on pipelines or some sort of hot spot, so I moved. Within seconds the heat had followed me. I moved again. Incredible. Reiki was radiating out of the souls of my feet! Those five days in the spring of 2017 were some of the most magical and spiritual days I have ever experienced. Not only did I become a Reiki Master and make life-long friends, I also realised my potential and purpose in life.

If you are a Christian and are unsure about Reiki, read my blog post where I explain more about Reiki and share testimonials and stories of Christians who practice Reiki.

Relevant Qualifications

Reiki Master, Reiki Academy London (2017)
ReikiScienceā„¢ Practitioner, Reiki Academy London (2018)
Spiritual Life Coach Dip., Centre of Excellence (2018)
Grief & Bereavement Counsellor Dip., Centre of Excellence (2018)
Transpersonal Psychology Dip., Centre of Excellence (2018)