Can Christians Receive and Practice Reiki?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is yeeeessssss.

When I first set up my business, a good friend of mine made me aware of the fact that many Christians still view Reiki as something that is occult, Buddhist, or worse, “new age”. Over the next few days I took this to heart and became very upset, almost wanting to put a stop to my new venture and stick with photography and graphic design as these were non-offensive jobs. (Yes, my friend meant that much to me.) When I did all three of my Reiki courses, the groups were always diverse with almost the majority of the room being followers of God who were guided by the Holy Spirit to attend a Reiki course. I was always taught that Reiki was not religious, with people from all walks of life getting attuned and receiving healing from source energy, so this idea that Reiki was not a loving gift from God was completely new to me and disappointed me greatly.

Although these days I consider myself a Hellenic Pagan, I have roots in Christianity and Buddhism thanks to my beloved parents. (You can find out more about me and my beliefs here.) I have a Buddhist protection cloth over my front door which I touch on the way out and a Catholic journalling bible which I read as often as I read The Orphic Hymns. I guess a better title for me would be an Omnist. One might ask, how can I follow Christianity if I don’t renounce all other Gods? I follow Christianity for its teachings, the same way I follow Buddhism for its philosophy. I have much respect for the religions of my parents which I grew up with, but there are also things in these religions, and even in Paganism, which I simply do not feel connected to. Nobody’s perfect, and religious belief or lack thereof does not make a person good or bad. Let’s move on, shall we.

I did a little research into this idea that Christians can’t partake in Reiki because I wanted to prove my friend wrong, but I was also very curious to know how these Christians justified using Reiki, if indeed I could find any who did. I came across, one of a few websites with testimonials from Christians who participate in Reiki. I found the following articles particularly interesting:

Christian Minister Uses Reiki
Reiki came into the life of Minister Scott Wyman at a time of need, and he likened his attunement ceremony to his own baptism. A powerful statement which, believe it or not, he is not alone in expressing. He claims Reiki has made him feel a deeper connection to God.

“The attunement processes were, for me, a very spiritual experience not unlike my experience of baptism, as I felt an increased connection to God and to His healing power.”

“I am utterly convinced that Reiki’s source is the Heart of God.”

“I have become confident that Reiki is the work of the Holy Spirit.”

“Reiki, like prayer, belongs to every tradition and no tradition.”

Mnister Scott Wyman,

Sister Many Mebane’s Use of Reiki
Sister Mary’s article explains how she saw a fountain of healing energy during her attunement, and was told to step forth into it. She also mentions verses from the Holy Bible which, according to her, suggest palm healing through modalities such as Reiki is something that Jesus has asked us to do.

“I found answers to the questions I had about Reiki in the Bible.”

“Jesus Himself told us (Mk 16:18) that we would lay our hands on the sick and they would recover and in John 14:12ff Jesus said that “I tell you most solemnly, whoever believes in me will perform the same works as I do myself, he will perform even greater works because I go to the Father.””

Sister Mary Mebane,

Experience of a Roman Catholic Reiki Master
Roman Catholic Reiki Master Jasper also claimed his attunement ceremony was like that of his baptism and confirmation. He specifically asked Jesus to protect and shield him from Reiki during his attunement if Reiki was not holy and does not come from Him. Of course Jesus willingly bestowed him with the gift of healing hands.

“… it seems to me that Mikao Usui received also the gift of healing from God.”

“During my first attunement, I asked the Lord Jesus to cover me with His Precious Blood, and invoked the Holy Spirit to protect me from any spirit from entering me. I have a personal relationship with Jesus, and I told Him: “Lord Jesus, if Reiki comes from you, let its power flow through me, if not, I ask you to cover me with Your precious Blood and seal me with Your holy Light. Send forth your angels to surround this place in Your Name.” … Guess what? The power of Reiki flowed through me and I felt the tangible presence of God.”

“… the experience is akin to my Baptism of the Holy Spirit during my Catholic Life in the Spirit Seminar, which I attended years ago, and I felt the loving touch of the Holy Spirit surrounding me and filling me, just like my experience during the Sacrament of Confirmation when I was a child.”

“I even equate Reiki to a manifestation of the healing presence of God in Christ Jesus. I believe that Reiki is the gift of the Holy Spirit. Reiki is indeed one of the charismatic gifts of healing (as mentioned in 1st Corinthians chapter 12).”

“We cannot use Reiki to harm others or do evil. It will not simply work.”

“God is the source and origin of Reiki, not Mikao Usui, or the Reiki Masters.”

Jasper T. Suquila, has many more interesting blog posts and letters sent in from Christians who are also Reiki practitioners. It’s worth checking out.

Over on Reiki in Medicine, we find out about our beautiful Sister Madeline Gianforte, a Roman Catholic nun who is a Reiki Master and practitioner. She is also featured on the PBS website’s Religion & Ethics Newsweekly section where she explains more about her use of Reiki and why it is compatible with Christianity. The video below shows her in action, spreading the word of Reiki and doing the work of Jesus:

I reached out to some of my fellow Reiki Masters whom I trained with at Abbey House, the building attached to the historical Christian Glastonbury Abbey, to find out what their experiences with Christians and Reiki were. Very few of them had come across Christians who had a problem with it. At most, the client/recipient simply wanted reassurance that we weren’t connecting to a Buddhist God or esoteric spirit. We most certainly are not.

“I have given Reiki to a Catholic sister and Christian priest many many times and they have no problem and love it. One of the hospices where I offer Reiki is also a Catholic hospice, and they are fine to include Reiki as one of their complementary therapies.

Just a month ago I was doing a Reiki treatment with a sister in front of two other sisters sitting in the same room, and no one seemed to have any issues with that. They found the vibe in the room very peaceful and tranquil, and my patient enjoyed the session and found it helped her.”

Maureen Chang, Reiki Master (Canary Wharf, London)

Fabrizio Romano, a baptised Christian who trained with me had this to say about Reiki:

“I would describe Reiki as something that is about being a human being, and therefore it is above any religion, race, gender and so on, because before being Christians, Muslims, black, white, yellow, men, women, and so on, before all that, we’re human beings. We’re part of this universe from day one.”

Fabrizio Romano, Reiki Master (Southgate, London)

Searching for published resources, I stumbled across Reiki and Christian Beliefs by Sarah C Stockham, a wonderful read where the author explains in depth why Reiki is not only compatible with Christianity, but is in fact linked to Christianity through the healing work of Jesus. You’ll find testimonials from other Christian Reiki practitioners as well as passages from the scriptures which will alleviate doubt about Reiki in most open-minded Christians. One of the most insightful things I learned from this book was that the word ‘Rei’ in Hebrew means ‘my shepherd’, so Reiki can be seen to mean ‘the energy of my shepherd’. I highly recommend this book, it is enlightening and beautifully written. You can download the Kindle version for £0.99 on Amazon.

A quick search on Facebook brought up two groups of interest, Christian Reiki and Christian Reiki Share. Clearly there are a number of active Christian Reiki practitioners and they are growing rapidly as understanding of what Reiki is becomes more widespread. I asked the members if any of them would care to share their views on Reiki from a Christian perspective, and here is a response I received from one of the members:

“Jesus came to this world to heal. To heal the minds, bodies, emotions and spirits of those who inhabit it. He healed through his hands and from his heart. He is still longing to touch and transform this suffering world through the compassion of his church. We, as believers in Christ, who have the heart and compassion of Christ within us, can use the modality of Reiki to not only heal ourselves, but to bring healing into the world. Reiki is the energy of love. God is the Spirit of Divine love. The two are one in the same.”

Diane Stakoe, Touch for Transformation

Yes, Reiki is an energy healing modality, but that does not mean the healing energy doesn’t come from God. Reiki is not Witchcraft, spirit work (perhaps Holy Spirit work) or hoodoo. If the recipient is not willing to accept the healing, it does not work. This is true for those who attend a Reiki session as it is for a non-believer who travels to Lourdes. Reiki is faith healing. Some choose to call it universal energy, some choose to call it source energy, the Christians I have come across choose to call it God’s energy.

It has become apparent to me that the reason why some Christians do not accept Reiki is due to ignorance, a lack of understanding, or viewing it as something which it is not. Reiki is not religious, and was not magically bestowed upon Mikao Usui during an out of body or occult experience whilst he was on an enlightening Buddhist retreat. The closest truth is that he was likely on Mount Kurama to commit suicide after being at his lowest point; losing his job, his family and his dignity. Suddenly a bright light appeared from the heavens before him, and he was gifted with healing hands and the responsibility to share this with others. Reiki practitioners are not, by strict definition, “healers”. We are not doing the healing. We ourselves have no special or supernatural powers. We are laying our hands on you, opening you up to accept healing from God, and allowing your body to heal itself through your connection to Him. Reiki practitioners are channels, conduits, instruments of God. We choose to go through an attunement, much like a baptism, which puts us more in tune to the vibrations of the divine and allows God to use our hands to help heal. It is an incredibly rewarding, enriching and spiritual experience and a most powerful gift. There is nothing bad, evil or dangerous about Reiki. Reiki heals – that is all.

Book a one-to-one treatment with me. I can have a recording of the Holy Bible playing in the background for you, or read out scriptures of your choice if you would prefer that, during your treatment. I always bless my therapy couch with Holy Water from Lourdes and the sign of the cross before a Christian client. At the beginning and the end of the treatment I ask Jesus to guide Reiki so that if it is His will, the client will receive divine healing. I say this out loud so the client can hear. Every client leaves with a bottle of Reiki charged water, which can be anointed with Holy Water if the client wishes. Believe that God sent you to my website to read this blog post for a reason. Join us (me, the conduit and God, the source of energy). You have nothing to fear and everything to gain by opening up to this wonderful healing experience.

*I have not, nor do I plan to explain the specifics of my beliefs or my spiritual practice as that is between me and the divine. However on my About Me page I go into a little more detail.

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  1. I am a retired pastor who has been teaching and practicing Reiki for the past 20 years, I can’t begin to tell you of the benefits that I have seen and experienced in the hospitals, rehab center, psychiatric center, holistic centers and many homes that I have been in. Not to mention, also, the testimonies from the countless number of colleagues and people who practice it in the area in which I live and operate. Behind all this effort is the principle of life-life is given physically, emotionally, cognitively and spiritually to many people. The label doesn’t matter, life comes only from God (doesn’t matter what it is called). And life cannot be manufactured or falsified from somewhere or someone else (in spite of what Hollywood may show). We need to get over the fact that God is not Christian nor are Christians the only acceptable way of faith in the eyes of God-God has been in relationship with people long before the emergence of Christianity (just look at Melchizedek). Usui was the messenger in our current history for bringing a type of healing to people. People from all faiths and walks of life have been given the gift of divine life. For this, we need to be thankful that care & compassion have been given all over the world instead of recoiling in fear & distrust-no one or any group can say that they own God or the rights to divine activity.

    1. So beautifully put, thank you so much for taking the time to comment, I agree with you completely. God bless x

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