The client understands that Reiki treatments are conducted either in my therapy room at Grove Neighbourhood Centre in Hammersmith or using the Distant Reiki technique.

I am currently at Grove Neighbourhood Centre only on Tuesdays from 7am-2pm, however, if you book a course of treatments and would like more than one session per week or can not attend during the day, please let me know and I will make arrangements to fit your schedule.

Clients having Reiki treatments in my therapy room should understand that they are entering a peaceful space and should conduct themselves accordingly, treating my room and belongings with respect. The room will be prepared in my usual style with fairy lights, essential oil diffuser and soft music. Please remember to specify if you are sensitive to or have a dislike for any fragrance.

The client should let me know if they have a preference of which music or sounds they would like me to play, and should send me music files if they would like their own music. I am happy to chant or read prayers/Bible verses to the client during the treatment if this is what the client would like. However, please send details before the treatment so that I can be prepared.

The client is responsible for planning ahead to make sure they find the venue and arrive on time. Unfortunately clients arriving more than 10 minutes late will have to accept a shorter treatment time or be charged for a missed appointment.

Distant Reiki can be done via Skype, which is what I recommend for those who can not attend in person, however if the client is unable to use Skype or would prefer a completely offline session, I am happy to agree on a date and time to do this also.

I keep a record of all clients and notes about the treatments they have received for the purpose of building and maintaining a good relationship with the client. All client records are strictly confidential and will never be sold or passed on to third parties.

As with any form of treatment, be it anti-biotics, steroids, anti-wrinkle cream or laser hair removal, a course of multiple sessions is recommended for the best results. I recommend purchasing a course of 12 treatments, saving you £60, which allows you to have one treatment a week for three months.

A full refund for both contact and distant Reiki will be given if cancelled 3 days in advance. A refund can not be given if cancelled with less than 3 days notice due to the fact that I would not have sufficient time to fill in the slot with another client.