Fundraiser Reiki Day!

Fundraiser Reiki Day: Tuesday 7th May 2019 from 7am – 2pm
Charity: Blue Cross Animal Hospital & Charity
In loving memory of my Belle 2005-2018
30 minutes for £20 – Book here

This is Belle. One night in the summer of 2005 my best friend found her lost in her apartment block. When I found out the next morning that she had found a small kitten, I told her that I wanted to keep the kitten, so I went out and purchased all the necessities and brought her home that day. She was the most beautiful kitty to me, so I called her Belle.

Belle was my best friend, my soul mate, and my familiar. Early last year at the age of 12 she was diagnosed with a tumour in her intestine, and after three short weeks she passed away in my arms. I had her small, frail body cremated, and her ashes sit in a beautiful box by my bedside.

Since her death Belle has been the inspiration for everything I have done. She has reminded me that life is too short to procrastinate, worry about what others may think of you, and too precious to waste by not being our true and authentic selves. On the anniversary of her coming into my life, last year I started a photography business and named it after her and my late father. Tony & Belle Headshots is just one of many creations I have dedicated to her memory.

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This year I want to start an annual tradition. I want to set aside one day as a fundraiser to give all of my earnings to a charity that has helped Belle and I for many years when we were unable to cover the costs of her vet bills, and who were very kind and compassionate to us on her last day.

The Blue Cross are a charity veterinary with practices all over the UK. Their services are available to those on low incomes, and other than having to pay for the cost of medication, their service is completely free, with the option to leave a donation of any amount whatsoever, if you can afford it.

On Tuesday 7th May 2019 I am opening up my therapy room to anyone who wants to have a quick treatment or any first-timers who would like a taster session. For just £20, you will receive 30 minutes of Reiki, a bottle of Reiki charged water, and a loyalty card complete with a stamp, which you can use if you choose to come again for another treatment.

All of the profit from the day will be donated to Blue Cross via their website.

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My beautiful Belle, May 2005 – February 2018