How to Prepare for a Reiki Treatment

Preparing for a Reiki treatment, especially your first one, is not like preparing for a facial or botox. It’s more akin to preparing for a full body massage, but with more intention.

The purpose of a Reiki treatment is to heal your physical body, cleanse your energetic body, relax your mind and ease your soul. It can be a calming experience that makes you feel slightly dazed like you’ve just woken up from a deep nap, or it could make you feel dizzy and faint, as your body starts releasing toxins.

It is important to know how to prepare for your treatment as this will help you to make the most of it.

The first thing I ask clients do to is to abstain from drinking alcohol, doing any drugs, and consuming too many meat products. If you start a mini detox in the days leading up to your treatment, the whole process will go much smoother and you’ll reap the full benefits of it. Make sure you drink plenty of water before (and after) your treatment.

The second thing is to be more mindful of your body. This may involve meditating on the breath or doing a body scan, doing some light stretching or yoga, spending some time walking barefoot in nature, or even just taking the time to get to know your body by looking at yourself in a mirror. Understand what your body needs and set an intention of what you wish to gain from your Reiki treatment.

Clients should come to a Reiki treatment with openness and receptivity. If you are thinking negative thoughts about receiving Reiki you are blocking it from doing what it is supposed to. Of course we all get stressed and anxious, and it is okay to come to a treatment when you are feeling like this as Reiki can most definitely help to ease your mind. However be sure that you are acknowledging Reiki as you are receiving it, and ask it to help balance your feelings and emotions.

If you are experiencing any negative emotions before the treatment, you are always welcome to let the practitioner know so that they can direct Reiki accordingly. At times clients who have a lot of pent up emotions may feel that these emotions get released in a powerful way during a Reiki treatment. Understand that it is okay to cry or fall asleep during your treatment, and that your practitioner will never judge you or make you feel bad for this. If you want to stop the treatment at any point, simply let the practitioner know.

Lastly a lot of new clients ask me what they should wear during a treatment. Keeping in mind that the only items you will be removing are your shoes and coat, you can wear absolutely anything you want. Work attire, gym clothes and loungewear are all acceptable items of clothing. As a session with me is 50 minutes long, you want to be comfortable, so if possible I suggest soft, loose clothing, but if you are on your way out, jeans or a dress are fine. I give you the option to cover yourself with a light blanket if you wish.

When you book your first treatment with me, I will send you a PDF guide for preparing for your treatment and aftercare, so do not worry.

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