How to Use Reiki Water

Reiki charged water can be made quick and effectively. In fact, you can charge a jug of Reiki water in a matter of seconds by holding it in your hands and setting your intention to infuse it with loving and healing Reiki energy.

Not attuned? Not a problem. Intention is where it’s at. I remember before I attended my first Reiki training I held my hands over my cat’s back without her knowledge, and intended to send her loving energy through my hands. In seconds she was purring. I removed my hands and she stopped. I placed my hands over her body again and she started purring again. Perhaps, even with her eyes closed, she was sensing my energy. But perhaps I was sending her loving energy through my hands as I was intending.

Whether you are a Reiki practitioner or not, you can charge your water with loving and healing energy. I believe everyone has the ability to do this, and a Reiki attunement only clears the pathway and opens the door much wider, so that it is with ease that we are able to channel healing energy.

Start with a bottle or jug of water on a table in front of you. Place your hands in gassho (palms together in prayer position in the centre of your chest), or held open as if ready to receive a gift. Whatever works for you will work in this situation. Imagine a beautiful bright light shining down from the heavens, entering your crown chakra at the top of your head, and filling up your whole body. This is Reiki, universal energy, the Holy Spirit, or whatever else you want to call it. Now, as you breathe out, imagine this energy radiating out through your palms, and place your hands on or around the bottle of water. As you breathe in, you are breathing in Reiki or healing energy, as you breathe out you are allowing this energy to be released through your hands and into the water.

The length of time you give your water Reiki will depend on your personal beliefs. My understanding of charging water with Reiki is that the longer we do it, the more powerful it is, to a certain extent. I do believe strength of one’s ability to channel Reiki, which can be improved by regular use of Reiki, has a lot to do with the speed of which the water will become sufficiently charged. I also believe that after about an hour or so, water will be adequately charged and any further Reiki will do little to enhance the molecules of the water beyond that point. I have come to this conclusion using the scientific research done by the Reiki Academy London in 2018.

Sit here doing this exercise for as long as you feel you need to. You now have Reiki (or energy) charged water which you can use as you wish or as suggested below.

Reiki charged water can also be used in the way which we might use Holy water. Traditional Catholic Holy water is consecrated and blessed by a priest in a matter of seconds, and I do believe in the strength and potency of it. The holy water I use in my home comes from Lourdes, a site in France which holds healing holy water regardless of any blessings or charging done by a priest anyway, although it is also blessed by a priest there before being shipped to the UK.

The main difference between the two types of water I use is that my Catholic holy water comes from a sacred site and is blessed by a priest, whereas my Reiki charged water comes from a bottle and is charged by myself. I have no scientific proof that my holy water has any special powers, only the powers I choose to believe in. However I do have proof that my Reiki water changes after a ‘treatment’.

Here are some of my favourite ways of using Reiki charged water:

  • Drinking – I believe drinking Reiki water has almost the same affect on our physical bodies as receiving a Reiki treatment. Although a treatment will relax us and heal our minds and spirits, I believe a glass of Reiki water can help alleviate physical symptoms or medical side effects.
  • Bathing – The next time you run a bath, sit by the tub as the water collects in it and with your hands hovering over the water, set the intention to charge it with Reiki. When you step into your bath water, visualise your body being submerged into shimmering golden Reiki light.
  • Room Spray – Obtain a spray bottle and fill it with Reiki charged water, or plain water which you can charge later. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oils and you have a lovely smelling room spray charged with Reiki which you can use to freshen up any areas of your home. You can also use Reiki water in a room diffuser.
  • Food – As you prepare your food you can charge it with Reiki. However, if you’re like me – usually ravenous and hangry by the time you come to start cooking – the last thing you want to do is power up your hands to do some healing work. Add a few splashes of pre-charged Reiki water to your kettle, pot, cake mix or smoothie.
  • Anointing – In the same way we can use holy water to anoint ourselves or a loved one, we can use Reiki water to do the same. We can anoint ourselves before a ritual or meditation, or we can anoint our child before they head off to school. You can also anoint your pets when they are unwell.
  • Car – You can even put Reiki water in your car, or just charge the coolant!

The uses of Reiki water are truly endless. If you are using it for drinking, make sure you start out with drinking water, although this experiment done with tap water proves that Reiki can purify water so that it is suitable for drinking, I don’t think many of us have a whole hour to sit and charge water each time.

If you have a treatment with me, you will leave with a bottle of Reiki charged water each time. Book your treatment today.

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