Making Reiki a Daily Practice

Are you attuned to Reiki but never seem to find the time to either practice on others or self-treat? Is life too hectic and busy at the moment, and one day you’ll find a way to fit Reiki into your schedule? Stop. One day is today.

I am going to assume you are reading this whilst procrastinating at work, waiting for the bus, sitting on a train, or during a commercial break. If that is the case, or you are doing something similarly mundane (or maybe you are here intentionally), then I’m inviting you to take part in an exercise with me right now. That’s right. Position your reading device so that you can still read this blog post, and put your hands together in gassho. Are you ready?

Connect to Reiki. Yes, right now.

Take your time to really feel the energy of Reiki coming through. Whatever your ritual for connecting to Reiki, do it right now. If you practice regularly, this should be second nature, and you should be feeling Reiki right away. For those who are not used to using Reiki on a daily basis, this may take a while, and that’s okay. That’s the purpose of this exercise.

Most of my fellow Reiki masters choose to perform the ‘dry brushing’ technique before connecting to Reiki, and although I may do this sometimes when in my group, I actually never do it before a client or when using Reiki for myself. My technique is to place my hands in gassho and call upon four angels to be by my side. They are traditionally protection angels, but calling on them also allows me to open up more freely to universal source energy, and this is just what I prefer to do. So remember that whatever preparation techniques you were taught in class, if it doesn’t resonate, don’t do it.

Now that you are connected to Reiki and can feel it in your hands, I want you to hover one hand over the back of the other without touching it, and feel the energy radiating out of your palm and on to the back of your other hand. Move your ‘giving’ hand up and down your arm so that you can feel Reiki moving along with your hand, take your time and do it with the other hand.

I am asking you to do this because I want you to remember that an attunement never wears off, and that once attuned, Reiki will always be at hand. But also, I want to ask you something. How much energy did you feel coming out of your palms? Was it intense and heated? Or was it a small tingle, or barely anything at all?

Tuning into Reiki is like going to the gym. If we only do it once in a while, our ‘muscles’ weaken and we must work out harder and longer in order to get back up to the strength we were at when we were at our peak.

Why did you learn Reiki in the first place? What was your reason? Was it to treat yourself, a family member, a pet who was sick? Perhaps you are no longer suffering from migraines or your pet is no longer with you, so there is no need to use Reiki for now. But what happens when you do need to use Reiki? If a friend gets a pain in her chest or your child sprains an ankle, what use is your Reiki if you’ve allowed it to revert back to the strength it was on the day of your first attunement?

Make Reiki a part of your daily practice. The purpose of the exercise above was to illustrate how quickly, and at any time, you can connect to and use Reiki. There is always time for Reiki and you don’t even need to carve out any special moment for it. Rather than scrolling through your phone in bed at night or first thing in the morning, place your hands on your tummy and give thanks to Reiki for the day to come or the day you’ve just had. When you are watching TV, connect to Reiki. When you are cooking dinner, give it some Reiki. When you are in the bath or shower, infuse the water with Reiki. When you say good night to your child, do it with Reiki.

Reiki is with us at all times, and your ability to connect to and utilise it is a gift. Make the most if it.

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