Meditation & Reiki

Before starting my Reiki journey I meditated daily. My mother, a Thai Buddhist woman, taught me to meditate from a very young age, and throughout my life I have meditated. It has always been an important part of my spiritual practice, and although it has changed, morphed and evolved over the years, I’ve been pretty consistent with it.

I’ve meditated on the breath, used nature sounds and guided meditations, and everything in between. I enjoy meditating and have noticed the periods in my life when I do not make the time to meditate are usually hectic and stressful.

When I became a Reiki practitioner, I was taught to give myself daily self-treatments. I struggled to try and fit this into my already quite full morning routine, which at the time consisted of yoga, a workout or jog in the park, my daily devotional to my patron God, and meditation. Somehow I managed to squeeze Reiki into the mix, but ended up with less time to do yoga or read.

It was then I made the realisation that Reiki was a form of meditation – not only for the receiver but for the giver too! And when doing a self-treatment, I was both the receiver and the giver. Something so simple took me weeks to figure out.

I use the Calm app on my phone or iPad for my daily meditations, either sticking with my favourite sounds and guided meditations, or going with the fresh daily meditations which are updated every 24 hours. After about a minute of calming my mind, I connect to Reiki and place my hands on my body. And that’s it. Meditation and Reiki self-treatment both done in half the time it would have taken me to do them separately. Does any practice suffer for this? Absolutely not. In fact, I feel more energised and positive for doing it this way, and I recommend you give it a go too. Whether you are struggling to find the time to give yourself self-treatments or do a meditation, try doing them both at the same time and see how you feel about it. I’m positive you’ll enjoy the experience.