Reiki Shares in Hammersmith

With the date of my room hire in Hammersmith coming closer, I am trying to get creative with the different ways I can make the most of the room in the first few months as I’m building up a clientele. My first thought was, Reiki shares. Shares have always been an important part of my practice, and I try to attend as many of them as I can at the Reiki Academy where I did all of my Reiki courses, but they do tend to get quite crowded with sometimes over 80 practitioners squeezed around therapy couches. I get migraines when I’m in crowded places, so I prefer smaller, quieter Reiki shares.

The benefits of Reiki shares, apart of getting to meet and interact with other practitioners, is that we get to give and receive Reiki with others. Something which a lot of us tend not to have the opportunity to do very much if we are not using Reiki as part of our work. An attunement can never wear off; Reiki is always with us, but without regular practice our ability to channel Reiki can lessen. Self treatments are important, but there is something very powerful about giving Reiki to another person, and something which I find to be quite beneficial when we receive from someone other than ourselves.

My therapy room is small. It’s just bigger than a massage room, but can fit a therapy couch and 5-6 people comfortably. I’ve decide that every Tuesday during my last hour of hire (1-2pm), I will host a Reiki share. I plan to only have 5 practitioners around the table, so this will sometimes include myself and sometimes I’ll just guide the session. Each person will receive 10 minutes of Reiki and give 40 minutes in total. Once the session is over, we can walk to a nearby coffee shop for a chat.

If you are interested in attending one of my Reiki shares or even just the monthly meet up which I will also be hosting in Hammersmith, come and join me on my new MeetUp group. Members will also receive a discount code which will enable them to use when booking a full treatment with me.

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