My one-of-a-kind Refresher Workshops for Usui Reiki Levels 1, 2, Masters and Master Attunements are designed for existing practitioners who are no longer confident in giving Reiki or attunements, and would like a booster without having to retake their entire training.

Although once attuned you will always be able to use Reiki, some practitioners feel that they would like the chance to relearn everything again, as this will inspire them to get back into the swing of things.

Students of the Levels 1, 2 and Master Refresher workshops will receive two top-up attunements from me and receive a certificate of attunement. There will be a small manual for each level which you can take home and study.

All students MUST be able to provide a Reiki certificate for the level which corresponds to the Refresher Workshop they are signing up for. These workshops are NOT replacements for comprehensive Reiki courses (coming soon).

All workshops (unless otherwise stated) take place at the Grove Neighbourhood Centre in Hammersmith. (Find me)

Level 1 / Shoden – £45

This workshop focuses on recapping the teachings you would have learned in your initial course, including:
– The history of Reiki
– The Reiki principles
– How to connect to Reiki
– Meditation and breathing exercises (Joshin Kokyo Ho)
– Hand positions
– Chakras & tanden points
– Self treatment
– Giving Reiki to others
– Two top-up attunements
– Certificate of attunement

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Level 2 / Okuden – £65

The Level 2 refresher will include all of the content from Level 1, but recap will be at a much faster pace or discussed at a deeper level, with the addition of the following:
– All three Reiki symbols; how to draw them, what they mean, how to use them, the mantras and kotodamas, and chanting exercises
– Body scanning / intuition (Byosen Reikan-Ho and Reiji-Ho)
– Purifying the spirit (Hatsurei-Ho)
– Distant healing
– How to prepare a client for a treatment
– Two top-up attunements
– Certificate of attunement

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Master Level / Shinpiden – £85

Or £100 when booked together with Attunement Workshop (below)

The Masters workshop will exclude a lot of the content from the first two levels as I will assume anyone taking a Master Level Refresher Workshop will have adequate knowledge of the Reiki principles, giving Reiki, the chakras and tanden points, etc. This workshop will be most suited to masters who actively practice Reiki, but have forgotten much of the masters training and do not teach or give attunements. This workshop will cover:
– A very brief cover of the Level 2 content
– In depth history of Reiki and Mikao Usui
– ReikiScience™
– Anatomy & physiology
– All four Reiki symbols, including Master symbol; how to draw them, what they mean, how to use them, the mantras and kotodamas, and chanting exercises
– Reiki shower technique
– How to give an attunement (very brief – see below for recap workshop)
– How to give a Reiju
– Two top-up master attunements
– Certificate of attunement

Reiki masters who have not practiced Reiki in a very long time or who did not receive adequate training are advised to start with the Level 2 Refresher.

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Master Attunement Refresher – £25

Save £10 when you book this workshop together with the Master Refresher workshop

The Master Attunement Refresher Workshop is for Reiki Masters who have forgotten, or do not feel confident in giving attunements to students or Level 2 practitioners. This workshop does not include any training, other than how to give an attunement and Reiju. It is a 2 1/2 hour workshop starting with a guided meditation, followed by a recap of all four Reiki symbols, their meanings, how to use them and how to use their kotodamas in chanting. I will then give you a Reiju (blessing) then we will discuss how to prepare yourself and your student for an attunement, before practicing attuning in pairs.

You will have the opportunity to practicing giving (and receiving) all three levels of attunements and will leave the workshop feeling confident and able to give attunements without referring to your manual. We will also cover how to give a Reiju, and finish with enough time for me to answer any questions you may have.

Anatomy & Physiology – £45

In this in-depth Anatomy & Physiology workshop we will cover everything from atoms to organs, so that when your clients tell you they have damage to their L2 or they have had an ACL reconstruction surgery, you know what they’re talking about.

This 5 hour course (+ 1 hour lunch) will briefly cover skin, hair & nails; the skeletal system; the muscular system; the digestive system; the respiratory system; the cardiovascular system; the blood; the lymphatic system; the reproductive system; the urinary system; the nervous system; and the sensory system.

*I have a Diploma with distinction in Anatomy & Physiology

Energy Anatomy – £45

Coming soon.